– Events organisation (Exhibitions, Conferences, Match-making Meetings)

– Programme management (National, European, International)

– Projects management

– Consultancy/Researches


EuroMare Forum/Limenes 

EuroMare organised from 1994 to 1997 in Piraeus (Greece), Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Birmingham (United Kingdom) the EuroMare Forum/Limenes which promoted cooperation at European level on marine technology and environment for ports. 

The EuroMare Forum was financed by the European Union – Directorate General XXIII (Enterprises and Tourism), and followed all the rules of the Europartenariat programme, the first match-making event in Europe. 


EuroMare was therefore among the very first companies in Europe to successful manage match-making events and has since then a very sound experience in this type of professional gatherings.



In 2012 EuroMare was appointed for 5 years by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, to organise Art-Athina, the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, one of the longest lasting contemporary art fairs in Europe.

The largest and most important annual visual arts event in Greece, it attracted over 40,000 visitors yearly and significant Greek and international art galleries, cultural institutions, curators, collectors, artists, and art critics.

Art-Athina 2013 & 2014 events were co-financed by the National Structural Regional Fund programme of the European Union “Attica 2007-2013”.

Gallery Weekend

From 2013 to 2015 EuroMare organised, in cooperation with PSAT and within the Art-Athina project a cultural weekend called Gallery Weekend, which included a rich programme of exhibitions in galleries in Athens and Thessaloniki. 

This event was aimed at presenting the multi-faceted artistic scene and the art scene of the cities, which turned out a celebration of art that the public embraced.

Athens International Airport

In 2015 and 2016 EuroMare collaborated with the Athens International Airport, presenting six special exhibitions at the airport’s exhibition grounds. 

At the departure level, three thematic exhibitions presented the history of the city of Athens and the environment, as well as contemporary art in the public space. At the arrivals level, three exhibitions with artists’ works on the trip were presented. An initiative that was a message of optimism about the artistic events of the country and gave the opportunity to a large number of audiences to admire works by well-known artists.

Dialogos Athens 2017: The Greek  Counter Example

Ιn 2017, with the launch of documenta 14 in Athens, EuroMare organised the event “Dialogos Athens 2017: The Greek  Counter Example”, which was curated by the Deputy Professor of the Technical University of Crete, Mr. Thanasis Moutsopoulos and held at the Diplarios School in Central Athens. The aim of the event was to bring artists, curators and factors of contemporary art closer to give a unique opportunity for young Greek artists to grow abroad, even better showing contemporary Greek artistic creation as well as empowering collaborations in the visual arts in general.

Island Hoping

In 2019, EuroMare organised the photography exhibition Island Hoping/ Άτοποι Τόποι at the City of Athens Arts Center. Curated by Denys Zacharopoulos, Island Hoping was the first solo show of the German-Greek artist Christina Dimitriadis hosted by a public institution in Greece. 

The exhibition was accomplished with the support of NEON and the contributions of the Municipality of Fournon and Eleni Koronaiou art gallery.

TransEurope Photo 

Pursuing its action and presence in the field of contemporary art, EuroMare in 2017 was selected as partner of the TransEurope Photo programme, within Creative Europe programme of the  European Commission. This is an important two-year-long (2017-2019) photography project in Europe promoting opportunities for professionals to meet and set up business networks for photography.

It is organised by three European institutions specialising in art, the Foundation of Contemporary Art of Spain, the project leader, Museum of Photography of Finland and EuroMare in Greece.

The aim of this effort is to create and organise photography workshops, group exhibitions and match-making events, that promote artistic and cultural creation in North and North East Europe, Eastern and Western Mediterranean and Southeastern Europe.

Gaitis-Simosi Museum, Ios island

Expanding its diverse activity in the field of contemporary art, EuroΜare undertook in 2020 the organisational and managerial part of the opening of the Gaitis-Simosi Museum (MGS) on the island of Ios. 

The goal of the company’s experts is, in collaboration with the Municipality of Ios, to enable the opening of the museum after the completion of its construction in 2008. 

With the funding of the MGS by the Hellenic Ministry of Development, the company undertook the coordination of the restoration and optimisation of the material and technical infrastructure of the museum to meet international standards, drafted the budgets, and organised the proper impact of the future operation of the museum.

The symbolics of resistance” on Tinos
A route from Gyzis to street artists

15 July – 15 September 2021, Arnados Tinos

The art exhibition The symbolics of resistance: a route from Gyzis to street artists deriving from the broad conceptual framework of “Greece 2021” examines how the Greek artistic creation of the last 200 years captured and invested symbolically the resistance to the usurpation of freedom. From Nikolaos Gyzis’ The Secret School (1886) to conceptual anti-dictatorial art to contemporary street art, the exhibition creates visual juxtapositions to compose micro-narratives that provoke and stimulate collective memory and consciousness. The exhibition takes place on Tinos island and specifically at the medieval village of Arnados. 

The atmospheric environment of the settlement’s preserved cellar, symbolically invested with the legend of the secret school, was a source of inspiration for Gyzis’ homonymous work. The distinctive architecture of the village with the medieval vaulted arches and cobbled streets is utilised in the exhibition practice creating an immersive, direct and tangible experience for the visitor. Composing a historico-artistic route in which art and politics intersect, reproductions of significant artworks by A. Akrithakis, D. Alithinos, V. Caniaris, Y. Gaitis, V. Katraki, Y. Psychopedis, G. Simossi, Tassos A., Theodoros, C. Tsoclis and C. Xenakis are placed inside the arches. Simultaneously, an original large-scale mural by M. Anastasakos is installed at the village entrance representing the contemporary expression of resistance to the difficult pages of our modern reality. 

The labyrinthine architecture of Arnados in combination with the strong island wind contribute to the creation of an immersive experience that activates the viewer’s senses and intensifies the symbolic power of the works. Specifically, the visitor following a symbolic route into history starts from the contemporary street art and through the maze-like arches proceeds to the gloomy reality of seven periods of modern and contemporary Greek history (austerity programmes, migration tragedy, Dictatorship, post-war political turmoil, Civil War, German occupation and Greek Revolution) to culminate to the symbolically charged work of Gyzis and the mythopoetic representation of the Greek Revolution (1821). 

In the ideologically charged field between legend and lived reality, a selection of works representative of art as a symbolic resistance is incorporated into an avant-garde approach to history through emblematic spatial, mnemonic and symbolic landmarks. Alia Tsagkari Art historian


EuroMare’s team has extensive experience, training, skills and knowledge in events and project management and the company has all the necessary requirements to complete a successful event or the management of a simple or complex national, international and/or European Commission programmes.


EuroMare is certified by TUV HELLAS for Managerial Capability System as per ELOT 1429:2008 standards.

This standard certifies the managerial capacity of organisations Implementing projects of public (national or European) interest and their quality requirements. 


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