EuroMare was established in 1994 as a non-profit specialised in organising international events, conferences, exhibitions and providing consulting services. With nearly thirty years of experience in managing significant national and EU funds and extensive knowledge of the local and international art scene, the company specialises in coordinating, managing, and implementing cultural projects. Since its establishment, it has expanded its multi-faceted activities in the field of culture by undertaking the organisational and administrational role of important events such as Edi Rama, Improvisations (2023), Catharsis: An Ecstatic Journey to Delos (2022), The Symbolic of Resistance (2021), Transeurope Photo (2017-2019), Island Hoping (2018), Dialogues Athens 2017: The Greek Counter-example (2017), Art Athina (2012-2017), Gallery Weekend (2013-2015), Athens International Airport (2015-2016), Yannis Behrakis at Zappeion (2002), EuroMare Forum / Limenes (1994-1997).

In 2020, EuroMare undertook the organisation, management, and promotion of the opening of the Gaïtis-Simossi Museum in Ios.

With its central pillar being cultural and technological innovation, EuroMare focuses on the modernisation of existing cultural practices and the development of innovative cultural products. Drawing on years of experience and in-depth study of the local particularities of Greece, the company’s cultural policy brings to the forefront issues of crucial importance concerning multiculturalism, inclusivity, and accessibility to exhibition spaces and museums. Responding to international museological discourses, it delves into questions of cultural diversity, the incorporation of wider social groups into the cultural sphere, the strengthening of social commitment and participation, as well as the accessibility of people with disabilities or sensory or intellectual impairments to cultural spaces.


EuroMare’s team has extensive experience, training, skills and knowledge in events and project management and the company has all the necessary requirements to complete a successful event or the management of a simple or complex national, international and/or European Commission programmes.


EuroMare is certified by TUV HELLAS for Managerial Capability System as per ELOT 1429:2008 standards.
This standard certifies the managerial capacity of organisations Implementing projects of public (national or European) interest and their quality requirements.
The company has been registered in the Register of Cultural Organisations since 2016 with registration number: 3168.